Granular composted poultry manure boosted with quick release nitrogen
  • Promotes rapid vegetative growth
  • Increases brix content for sweeter, more flavorful produce
  • Contains over 20 amino acids for organic nitrogen
  • Easy-to-spread, dust free granules
  • Versatile fertilizer suitable for all types of plants

ChickeeCROP POP is a chicken manure fertilizer boosted with quick release nitrogen. that provides numerous benefits to plants. Chicken manure is a complete fertilizer that contains the macronutrients nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, as well as important micronutrients such as calcium needed for healthy plant growth.

Using ChickeeCROP POP can help improve soil structure, aeration, and drainage, while also regulating soil temperature and preventing moisture loss.

By using ChickeeCROP POP, users can achieve healthier and more productive plants that are better able to resist pests and diseases.


ChickeeCROP POP provides your plants with the nutrients they need to thrive. Here are 5 reasons to choose ChickeeCROP POP:

  • 1) Adds organic matter to the soil,
  • 2) Improves soil structure,
  • 3) Optimizes moisture-holding capacity, drainage capability, and aeration levels,
  • 4) Reduces erosion risks, and
  • 5) Retains key nutrients better.


Apply ChickeeCROP POP Pre-plant or as a side dressing to target the specific N value required for your target harvest potential.

ChickeeCROP POP is the ultimate chicken manure fertilizer for your fields. Made from 100% natural ingredients, ChickeeCROP POP is rich in nutrients that promote healthy plant growth and improve soil quality. Boosted with additional quick release nitrogen, ChickeeCROP POP can grow bigger, healthier plants that produce more fruits and vegetables.

Buy now and experience the benefits of ChickeeCROP POP for yourself!